Photos of clothed guys in ordinary situations with armpits or armpit hair showing .



MA 0260  Albury NSW 2011

Albury , NSW ,  Australia

Young guy armpit hair Aussie guy straight Aussie armpit hair Australiano ascella maschile


MA 0259

Straight guy with armpit hair poking from shirt sleeve just visible male armpit hair  diritta uomo ascella capelli di camicia


MA 0258  MIAMI 2008

Miami , Florida , USA 2008

Shirtless straight guy in underwear hairy chest straight guy with hangover


MA 0257a  Mexico 2013

Mexico 2013

Straight guy in ugly board shorts homme de droite cheveux Poitrine de l’aisselle straight guy armpit hair glimpse


MA 0257b Mexico 2013

Mexico 2013

Straight guy in pool dripping with water armpit hair wet cheveux raides homme de l’aisselle dans la piscine


MA 0256

Ordinary straight guy flexing arm pit hair straight guy muscle cheveux raides homme de l’aisselle


MA 0255

Straight guy shirtless with girlfriend on boat straight guy with armpit hair showing


MA 0254

Straight  guy wearing wife beater singlet straight amateur ordinary guy can see armpit hair straight guy nipple visisble through t shirt


MA 0253

Mature straight guy going grey armpit hair sexy older guy daddy armpit hair reifer Mann Achselhaare straight older guy on boat


MA 0252 Texas 2010

Texas , USA 2010

Ordinary straight guy diving into pool armpit hair showing everyday straight guy hairy chested straight guy photo gerade Männer Achselhaare